Every day brings in new challenges, so it can be hard to find the products you want without lots of research. We understand that we are facing the same issues, and that’s why we created The Urban Commodity, a state-of-the-art general store in the Philippines designed to make your life easier every day.

We are here to offer you a convenient, safe way for you to shop online at your own pace. We hand-pick and seamlessly test every product. Upon purchasing anything from us, you receive a guarantee that it surpasses very high-quality standards.

Why should you choose The Urban Commodity?

Our store is always keeping up with the changes, and it delivers a modern way to access all the products you need. Since the global pandemic started, we noticed how hard it could be for everyone to access the products they want. The Urban Commodity is a general store that continually brings in new, outstanding items and tools to suit your needs and requirements. 

Each one of our products fits your lifestyle, and they will make your life easier every day. We aim to help you remove all stress and anxiety from your life, as you focus on a happy and exciting future. Our shopping experience is convenient and straightforward; you can search effortlessly for any product you want and use filters to narrow down any items that you require at this time. 

Here at The Urban Commodity, we believe that simplicity is crucial, leading to sophistication. We offer our clients an exceptional user experience while also addressing even the most basic or sophisticated needs. 
Our vision
The Urban Commodity is here to bring customers the best solutions to the most common needs. We want to fulfill all your requirements through a seamless, comprehensive, and innovative purchasing solution. We believe that online shopping is the best way to acquire products, and we are continually improving our platform to keep up with the latest customer requirements. 
Our mission
We are working hard to provide the ultimate shopping experience via online delivery or door to door shopping. We bring in outstanding, innovative products that help reshape your life and boost your lifestyle in creative, innovative ways!